EB Welding Technical Papers

You will find recent technical papers about Electron Beam Welding listed below. PTR's archive of Electron Beam welding related papers and publications covers the last 30 years and includes topics specific to the automotive, aerospace, defense, petrochemical and power generation industries. Please contact us directly for technical papers relating to a specific industry.

The Use of Electron Beam Welding in Turbomachinery Manufacturing

J.Rugh, G. LaFlamme: Starting with aircraft engines and then migrating to land based gas turbines, steam turbines and more recently industrial turbocompressors,electron beam welding has been an important tool for turbomachinery manufacturers. At times, new turbomachinery designs have driven the development of new EB welder capabilities..

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Electron Beam Welding - Process, Applications and Equipment

G. Schubert: This paper provides a technical overview of the unique features of the electron beam welding process including several applications. Solutions to specific weld challenges using the EB process will be shown. In addition, an overview of today's welding equipment and a brief look at future developments will be presented.

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Electron Beam Welding in the United States

D. Powers: A glimpse is given of how electron beam welding has evolved in the United States over five decades detailing how it has evolved from being a unique laboratory tool to a highly sophisticated production tool that is utilized by most segments of U.S. industries.

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