Electron Beam Welding Capabilities

Being a leading manufacturer of electron beam welding equipment gives PTR-Precision Technologies the ability to operate the most modern EB welding job shop in the country. We can cater to almost any job – samples, prototypes and small to large production lots. With decades of electron beam welding experience, PTR can also help develop and qualify weld processes according to your requirements.

EB Welding Equipment

  • All state-of-the-art full CNC 5 axis EB welders 
  • Maintained, calibrated and serviced by PTR's Service Department
  • Large, Medium & Small Chambers-  High and Low Voltage Welders




  • Pre & Post Weld Inspections
  • Reports with supporting documentation, PQR's, WPS's, etc
  • Detailed operation sheets and approved weld schedules

Highly Skilled Personnel

Welding Staff

  • Skilled operators exceed industry requirements with more than 20 years average experience
  • Certified operators and machines to various National and customer-specific standards including AMS 2680, AMS 2681B and AWS D17.1
  • Multiple Shifts



Engineering Support on Staff

  • Metallurgical / Materials Engineers
  • Application Engineers
  • Quality Engineer


  • Shipping and receiving dock, 20 ton lift with inside full tractor trailer access- no part too large
  • Several tow motors- all part storage in heated building
  • 30 foot ceiling with overhead cranes throughout the shop


Metallurgical Lab + NDT

  • Non Destructive Testing (NDT)
  • Full Metallographic Analysis
  • Macro-Sectioning, Etching & Digital Microscopy
  • Hardness + Microhardness Testing
  • X-ray, Ultrasonic Inspection, Magnetic/Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection, and Visual
  • Calibrated Leak Testing

Support Services

  • Weld Process Development
  • CNC Programming
  • Joint Design Optimization


Additional Processing Capabilities

  • Machine Shop Services
  • Cleaning & Vapor Degreasing
  • Heat Treatment
  • Application of corrosion preventing coatings

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