Used EB Welding Equipment

PTR occasionally has quality, used Electron Beam (EB) Welding systems available for refurbishment at our facility. Additional systems not listed below may be available. Please contact PTR directly for more information.

Recent Example of a Hamilton Standard W2 150 kV Electron Beam Welder Retrofit

Refurbished EB Welder - BEFORE


Refurbished EB Welder - AFTER


This1970's Hamilton Standard W2 EB Welder was purchased by a leading aerospace company and was refurbished and retrofitted at PTR with:

  • New Fanuc CNC
  • New Pumping System, Vacuum Gauges and Valves
  • New High Voltage Power Supply
  • New Electrical Cabinets and Wiring
  • New Vacuum Feedthroughs
  • New Operator Console
  • New Water Chiller
  • Rebuilt EB Column with Turbo Pump
  • Rebuilt X-Y Table
  • Refurbished Optics

Hamilton Standard W2 Electron Beam Welder --- No Longer Available ---

This Hamilton Standard W2 EB welding system would require futher upgrading with new components- and can be retrofitted with either a new 150kV, or 60kV beam generation system. Currrently this unit has a new operator console, electrical cabinet and Fanuc CNC system control that were all upgraded in 2020.


62/74" Long x 62" Wide X 64" High


X- and Y-axis table assembly 33" long by 17" wide with strokes of 33" in the X-axis and 16" in the Y-axis. The table is capable of supporting 2,500 pounds.


Powered runout assembly for X - Y motion system.

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