The Electron Beam Welding process is used for demanding joining tasks in many low- and high-tech applications within some of the most sophisticated defense systems. The highly repeatable process ensures safe, reliable performance for short and long term operation in a wide variety of extreme conditions. The combined knowledge of PTR's engineering staff is available to contribute ideas based on decades long experience.

Military Engine Component Welding

Engines and transmission components of heavy duty military vehicles operate under some of the most extreme conditions.  In this application, three pieces of an engine disc spacer are electron beam welded in two passes at a common joint- the first a deep penetration weld and the second a broad final pass to fully consume the joint and smooth the weld top bead.  The part was designed to be completed after the EB welding process requiring no further machining.  


3 Pieces- approx. 6 in.



Joint Geometry:

complex step and butt

Weld Depth:

0.250 in. full penetration
pass followed by a broad,
shallow cosmetic pass