Mobile Gun Series EB Welding Systems

The MOBILGEN MG 60 line of electron beam generators are the heart of PTR's mobile gun welding systems. The MG 60 is available in a number of 60 kV models including options with integrated rotary + swivel axes and pivoting high-voltage cable connectors allowing for optimal maneuverability within the vacuum chamber.

EBOMOVE Electron Beam Welding System

EBOMOVE internal moving gun systems are available with top, side and floor mounted EB generator movement devices providing 2 or 3 linear axes of movement in addition to the 1 or 2 rotary axes of EB gun movement.  These modular systems allow EB gun positions unattainable by fixed gun systems, such as immersing the gun inside workpieces.

EBOMOVE EB Welding Systems have advanced capabilities including:

  • EBO Jump Multi-Beam Processing
  • EBO Set Automatic Beam Focus and Alignment
  • EBO View Electron Optical Viewing
  • EBO Scan Offline Seam Tracking



A Series






B Series

C Series


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EBODISC Rotative Gun EB Welding Systems

EBODISC electron beam welding systems, with innovative rotating-disc gun movement, have many advantages over conventional fixed gun systems. Configurations with 1, 2, or 3 eccentric discs as well as a standard or compact weld chambers are available. An integrated vertical slide and the eccentric discs enables the MOBILGEN Series EB gun to access virtually any location on the workpiece inside the vacuum chamber.

  • Smaller machine footprint minimizes floor space requirements.
  • Reduced chamber volume for faster pumpdown times.
  • Multiple welds can be completed in a single pumpdown, reducing setups and overall cycle times.


Easy load horizontal to vertical rotary

Generator movement minimizes floorspace

For more detailed information, download our brochure.