Electron Beam and Laser Welders

High or Low Voltage, Fixed or Moving EB Generator, CNC, Precision Welding Equipment

PTR manufactures electron beam and laser welders using proven designs and the latest technologies. Long term relationships with our customers guides the efforts of our engineering group and have led to increased functionality, reliability and ergonomics of our systems. Continuous improvements have earned PTR's electron beam welders the benchmark status in the EB Welding field.

Systems with vacuum chambers of virtually any size with motion systems from simple rotation to 5-axis simultaneous contouring are available. High throughput partial-vacuum systems for electron beam and laser welding providing short cycle times are also available. In addition to manufacturing EB and Laser Welding systems, PTR's full support includes tooling design, upgrades, accessories, field service, training, prototyping, process development, CNC programming and production welding services.


EB Welding System Sales Department
Phone: (860) 741-9355
Email: sales@ptreb.com


EBOCAM Fixed Gun Electron Beam Welding Systems

Standard, fixed gun-type CNC EB weld systems available in multiple configurations, including both 150 kV High Voltage and 60 kV Low Voltage options.

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Mobile Gun EB Welding Systems

PTR's gantry style, internal mobile gun welding systems are available in a number of 60 kV models such as integrated rotary + swivel axes and pivoting high-voltage cable connectors allowing for optimal maneuverability within the vacuum chamber.

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Fast Cycle Electron Beam Welders

Developed for high throughput welding such as mass production of automotive components, these systems deliver an optimum solution for many other high-volume applications and supports integration into automated production lines.

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LASVAC Welding Systems

PTR-Precision Technologies has combined recent advantages in fiber delivered lasers with our extensive knowledge of vacuum processing to create LASVAC: Laser Welding in Vacuum.

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Special Electron Beam Systems

These include our Electron Beam Drillers, Continuous Strip Welders and Non-Vacuum Electron Beam Welding systems.

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Used EB Welding Equipment

PTR occasionally has quality, used Electron Beam (EB) Welding systems available for refurbishment at our facility.

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Upgrades & Accessories

PTR provides accessories, retrofit packages and standard upgrades that integrate seamlessly with all generations of EB Welding Systems.

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