System Upgrades & Accessories

As the OEM for Leybold & Hamilton Standard EB Welders, PTR provides accessories, retrofit packages and standard upgrades that integrate seamlessly with all generations of EB Welding Systems. PTR's upgrades are engineered from original equipment drawings and are built with current, standard PTR components. Some of the standard upgrades we offer are listed below. Contact us to see which of our fully integrated upgrades or retrofits will improve the performance and reliability of your EB Welder.

Power Supply Replacement

  • Significant improvement in process stability and system performance
  • Switch mode for fast response and very low stored energy
  • Available from 3kW to 30kW
  • Complete system integration and controls 

CNC Controls & Operator Console

  • Complete controls upgrades using Fanuc CNC's
  • CNC of all motion and beam parameters
  • Existing operator's console replaced with touchscreen control operator panel
  • Complete system parameters are displayed and controlled from new console

Motion Systems Hardware

  • Standard Rotary/Tilt fixture capacity ranging from 100 to 3000 lbs.
  • Multistation rotary fixtures
  • Head and tailstock fixtures
  • Custom designs

Beam Current Control BCR200 Retrofit (Fast Bias Control)

  • Improved beam control with integrated BCR200, computer and touch screen control to display and control beam current
  • Two beam current control ranges (10% and 100%) with ten percent mode providing better resolution at very low beam current levels

Vacuum Control Retrofit

  • Smart vacuum gauges
  • Computer and touch screen control
  • Upgraded controls can be moved to the operators console (depending on retrofit)

Deflection Module Retrofit

  • Pattern generator for DC beam deflection
  • 16 selectable standard patterns with XY pattern amplitude adjustment and frequency control (special patterns available)
  • Free standing or integrated into controls

Ribbon Filament Retrofit

  • Circular beam spot
  • Improved beam symmetry
  • Uniform energy density
  • Ease of filament replacement
  • Repeatable filament recession

Optics Retrofit

  • Better viewing of work piece
  • Eye piece and/or TV viewing
  • Better viewing resolution

Nude Filament Retrofit

  • High intensity light for work piece viewing
  • Adjustable brightness
  • Easily replaceable filament
  • Interlocked with vacuum

Chamber Extensions

  • Extensions are an ideal way to add the capability to weld longer parts
  • Full chamber cross sections or smaller cylindrical/rectangular extensions
  • Extension isolation valve to enable use only when necesary (not available for all models)
  • Possibility of extending X-axis travel (on newer models)
  • Additional entry point/door for part loading
  • Custom extension slider track assemblies