For components used in Research and Development, Electron Beam Welding is used whenever the highest quality welds are required. The ability and flexibility of the process to precisely tailor welds is unique, allowing the researcher to optimize the design of any scientific component.  PTR's engineering staff has worked to develop weld processes used in many research and development fields and is available to contribute ideas based on decade's long experience with this process.

Niobium Cavity Welding

Around the world, niobium cavities are used in particle accelerators for advanced research. The stringent weld requirements for these cavities are a natural fit for the electron beam welding process. EB's characteristic of welding under vacuum suits Niobium’s (very reactive) ’affinity for oxygen' maintaining the highest purity levels.  The excellent process control which is characteristic of electron beam welding provides the required, smooth surface finish of the over/under weld beads- consistently and repeatedly.  


Shaped sheet metal parts
welded to for cavities of
various designs


Niobium (Nb)

Joint Geometry:

axial and radial
circumferential welds

Weld Depth:

.020" up 1"+