Material Weldability

In an electron beam welder the EB generator creates a high intensity beam of electrons that is used to melt and subsequently join metals together. The spot where the focused electron beam strikes the workpiece has an extremely high energy density.  This high power density provides the ability to weld refractory metals, high thermal conductivity materials and dissimilar material combinations that are extremely difficult or impossible to join using conventional welding processes.

The chart below provides general guidance in determining the weldability of varying bi-metallic material combinations:

Material Weldability Chart for Bimetallic Joints


Blue Fill = Intermetalic compunds formed - Undesirable Combination

D = Insufficient data for proper evaluation - Use With Caution

N = No data available - Use With Extreme Caution!

S = Solid solubility exists in all alloy combinations - Very Desirable Combination

C = Complex structures may exist - Probably Acceptable Combination